About Us

Craft Fitness, in the heart of Westport

Core Continuum is a welcoming and engaging environment that boasts the most effective fitness offerings tailored to every individual body and their specific goals.

Owned by Courtney Collado, a New York City-trained Master Pilates instructor and professional dancer, Core Continuum provides the quality and service you deserve from your fitness community, and the tools to get the long-lasting results you want.

More than a Pilates studio, Core Continuum is a vibrant hub of wellness and movement. By combining the personal attention of small-group or one-to-one private Pilates sessions with dynamic, science-based group classes that include barre, rebounding, and suspension training, we provide a continuum of fitness training that will get you in the best shape of your life and have a great time getting there. You’ll never get bored with our classes – the challenge and progression is never-ending; that is at the heart and soul of what we do.

We offer a continuum of fresh, innovative core-training classes that will strengthen your body AND mind – CARDIOLATES (r), HARDCORE Barre, and Silk Suspension™.

Our resident expert instructors are trained far beyond “the basics” and know exactly how to challenge YOUR body and mentor YOU to get the results you are looking to achieve. There is no “one size fits all” in fitness; to get real results from your workout, continue to challenge the body and mind in different ways, under different forces, and across different planes of movement. The classes we offer at Core Continuum combine the elements necessary to craft an individual, comprehensive fitness program under one roof.

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