Best home fitness programs for beginners

It is really intimidating to get into a workout routine. It is because there are many things worth considering, yet spending time with exercising is good. If you are a beginner, consider some best home fitness programs for beginners.

The foremost step is to learn basics about setting a workout program involving F.I.T.T. principle. The principles for workouts include:

  • Frequency is about how frequently you exercise. Doing three times cardio and strength training following the guidelines of basic exercise is enough to improve health. Adding more frequency to cardio workouts help building endurance and comfort.
  • Intensity is about the way you are ready to work. You may get started with a week of workouts such that it will focus on working at a moderate intensity. This is for cardio workouts. You can gradually alter the intensity levels keeping the interval training in limits.
  • Time refers to the workouts you perform. The cardio workouts can be performed for 20 or more minutes. Adding few minutes each week to your cardio workouts helps progressing and without working really hard.
  • Type is about the exercise you do, it may be walking, running, etc. There is a need to start on activities that you enjoy and it is equally important to mix and cross-train things so that your mind stays engaged and body also connects. Establish the habit of exercising keeping the variety of activities as interesting.

Working out keeping sufficient time, intensity and frequency allows you to see changes in your body fat, weight, strength, and endurance. Thus, your body also adjusts to the existing levels of FITT and time manipulates them.

The workouts are suggestions and do not work for everyone. There is a need to modify them as required to suit the fitness schedule, level, and preferences. In case you find you are very tired, take one day rest and if you feel actually you are not challenged as expected, increase the duration, intensity or frequency so that you work harder.

Cardio, Stretch, and Strength

Perform cardio for 25 minutes. Begin with 10 to 15 minutes. The strength involves doing each exercise as 2 sets with small time rests between sets.

Consider a stretch of 5-minute to relax and this is important and do not get tempted to skip it. It is essential for strength training and cardio so that the tension is eased and it allows body to return to the pre-exercise state.