Class Descriptions


Pilates Mat

Based on contemporary Pilates method, our Mat classes will strengthen and align your body, spine, and mind. Designed to be the most challenging Pilates experience, Mat classes strengthen your entire body from the inside out, using proper anatomical placement and leverage of your body against gravity. Don’t be fooled by the lack of equipment in our mat classes – our instructors know how to teach you how to work deeply and feel every exercise.


Pilates Reformer Classes 

Easily the most recognized piece of Pilates equipment, the Reformer is everyone’s favorite for good reason: with hundreds of exercises and positions to choose from, your instructor will have you sitting, standing, laying, planking, but best of all, MOVING on, over, and around the Reformer. Each class will begin with a set progression, and finish with a program decided by your instructor to tailor the workout to the group.



Add some glee to your sweat – experience the cardiovascular and bone-strengthening benefits of rebounding and the core-strengthening and alignment benefits of Pilates, combined into one heart-pumping class. Performed to the beat of energizing music, on high-quality rebounders which absorb up to 90% of impact upon landing, this cardio class will help you torch maximum calories, sculpt your body, and build strength down to a cellular level.


Bento (45 min)

Get your lunchtime sweat on with a quick-paced, 45-minute apparatus sampler. You’ll get to use the Reformer, Tower, Chair, Ladder Barrel, and other small equipment depending on what your instructor has on the menu.

PROJECT: Beefcake

PROJECT: Beefcake

Socks required, beards optional; Project: Beefcake is just for dudes. We’ll cover Pilates basics, increase mobility, train all the parts you ignore in the gym, and crack a few jokes as we go. Tues/Thurs 8:30am.


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