Hardcore Barre

Hardcore Barre

Want a dancer’s body? Get a dancer’s workout! HARDCORE Barre is an arduous blend of ballet barre exercises, cardiovascular interval training, Pilates Mat exercises, functional strength training, and focused stretching designed to help you achieve the strong, lean “dancer physique” you crave while balancing strength and flexibility.

Goal: Safe, balanced, full-body core, strength, and cardiovascular training.

Method: Basic ballet placement, high-intensity intervals, Pilates core training, and strength training keeps your body moving throughout the entire class for maximum burn.

Benefits: We push you harder than you think you can go – you’ll earn maximum results under the watchful eyes of our expert instructors. You will burn more calories, build flexibility and strength, and achieve the strong body you dream of.

Bring: Towel, water, change of clothes, sticky socks (Socks optional if using your own mat).


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