Our Mission

Our Mission

At Core Continuum, we work with clients and students of all ages and abilities who need a balanced, corrective, and supportive exercise program (which is to say, everyone), helping them move beyond their physical barriers to a stronger, more coordinated and pain-free body so that they can live their fittest life.

Through private, small-group and private training, we educate our clients about their bodies and train them in intelligent, science-based methods, focusing on their individual needs and goals.  We believe that a strong community is a healthy one, which is why we also offer unique program options to make our continuum of functional physical training available to individuals who need it most – who rely on their bodies for their careers and to keep our communities safe – through sponsorship, mentorship, and work/exchange.

Core Continuum Instructor Academy exists to raise the standard of fitness training regionally and globally. Our collection of science-based training modalities in which we offer Teacher Training – Contemporary Pilates, HARDCORE Barre, CARDIOLATES(r) Rebounding and SilkSuspension(tm) complement each other and, collectively, provide a comprehensive approach to functional fitness training that can be tailored to fit any body, regardless of age or physical limitation. We believe that every individual deserves an instructor who is knowledgeable, caring, and engaged in helping you feel and perform your best.

As a satellite center for Pilates Academy International (PAI), prospective instructors are taught HOW to teach contemporary Pilates exercises and modifications, not simply WHAT to teach; we understand that each individual body responds to training differently than the next, and lead our hopeful instructors to curate exercise programs that meet the needs of each individual in any setting.

Put simply, we teach because we love what our training will do for you; we teach to strengthen our community.