• I had been away from Pilates for more than 5 years when I heard about Courtney and her new studio.  I went in for a private class — and became hooked once again on Pilates — and definitely on Courtney. Great studio.  Great people.  Love it.
    Teri Rogers
    Kansas City, MO
  • I will definitely do Pilates again. I went to Courtney because I wanted to experience Pilates to help an ankle injury I had suffered. It was a great workout and the stretching incorporated helped me gain mobility back in my ankle.
    Erik Haberkorn
    Kansas City, MO
  • I had the pleasure to call Courtney my trainer for one and a half years and I can unequivocally say that she represents the best combination of physical training expertise and a cerebral approach to fitness.  My post-workout conversations with her about health and exercise were as beneficial as the physical training.  She is sensitive to her clients' needs while making sure that they push beyond self-imposed boundaries.  Courtney is thoughtful, creative, and a master of her craft.  She is an all-around fitness badass!
    Jason Lapham
    Topeka, KS
  • I can find a very good workout routine almost anywhere on the Internet; what I cannot find is the skill to apply the right workout to my goals and find ways to support and motivate me in such a way that I have a chance to be successful. Removing all of the pain and suffering that [Courtney] put me through, I am left with the irrefutable fact that she cares too much about my health to not do everything to give me the best chance to be successful. I even trusted her to work with my child.
    David Peacocke
    Topeka, KS
  • Courtney is incomparable. When I trained with Courtney, I was in the best shape of my life.  Her method combines Pilates, weight training, and functional body movement for varied, interesting workouts with amazing results.  She has a deep understanding of body dynamics and physiology, which means, among other things, that she teaches the proper form to avoid injury and target all areas.  Her workouts are goal-oriented, challenging, and fun.  Best of all, she is motivational and inspirational in fitness and in life! If only we still lived in the same city!
    Jennifer Schmidt
    San Francisco
  • I was eternally blessed and fortunate to cross paths with Courtney in Astoria, Queens. It was an important year for myself as I would be turning thirty in the fall and had made a conscious decision to become stronger and healthier than I had ever been. Courtney is a positive beacon that always motivated me to make my sessions and challenge myself to do things I thought were not possible. She also introduced me to the Pilates Reformer which initially was an apparatus that intimidated me but again Courtney was patient; she made a vigorous workout fun and gratifying! Courtney Collado is not only gifted as a physical trainer and Pilates guru, Courtney truly believes in her clients.   For my 30th birthday I can say I have never looked better in my life! More importantly, Courtney had given me something that was elusive all my life: confidence.
    Natasha Larrondo
    New York City