What are best spin bike workouts?

Indoor cycling exercises burn up to 500 calories in an hour. Is it possible to make it better? If you are able to match the pedal stroke to a favorite music beat, you’ll burn more calories. Try to move in your favorite song (please don’t choose a ballad). Never forget your upper body. You must add a few strengths moves for the arms, back, and chest. Your ride will be a total-body exercise.

Pedaling on a cardio engine is not similar to flying over hills. You can do to the gym while enjoying the same benefits as your hikes by getting used to intensive training on a stationary cycle. These rigorous routines will help you navigate in the last weeks of cold weather confinement and prepare your feet and lungs for the beautiful spring ride.


Before each of the interval sessions, you need to perform a correct warm-up or otherwise, you will quite quickly. It takes a bit of time to start the aerobic system and warm up the body completely before working on the spin bike, especially for intense efforts.

Do this: start pedaling easily. Without gradually increase your pace – about 5 to 10 rpm – every 30 seconds for 2 minutes. The last 30 seconds must be at the highest rate you can hold, but always light and fast. After 2 minutes, pedal easily for 1 to 2 minutes.

After a quick rest, you need to focus on strength: increase your resistance by about 30% and increase your speed at the same time. After 35 seconds, increase the resistance by an additional 20% while maintaining your pace. Then increase the resistance two times for one minute. Your last 35 seconds should be quite difficult, but you should maintain a similar pace throughout two minutes. Pedal easily for 1 to 2 minutes before starting your workout.

Full gas

Increasing your speed makes your heartbeat. You will burn your muscles in less than 30 seconds. This workout is appropriate for stretching your legs, improving your aerobic fitness, boosting your power, or cyclo-cross fitness.

The hills direction

The best way to build up your legs is to spend 15 minutes climbing a hill. And after a break, start again. Simulating hills can help you increase your power. Once the warm-up is complete, drive at 40% of your resistance for 5 minutes, for 80 to 90 rpm. Start your exercise pedaling at 60% of your maximum resistance, reaching 70 to 80 rpm for 5 minutes. Finally, increase the resistance to 80% of your maximum for another 5 minutes. On the last lap, your resistance should be strong enough to slow down to 60 to 70 rpm. Do at least 2 laps and finish with a 5-minute break.